The PandO2 team

The first is specialized in Finance and M&A, the second is an Associate Professor in Life and Earth Sciences, and the third one is an Environmental Chemical Engineer.

Three friends who have more than 30 years of complementary experience, as long as their friendship. Three friends committed to sustainable development and concerned about the future of our Planet.

From there was born PandO2. From PANDO, a clonal colony of poplars considered the largest and oldest living organism on the planet and O2, the source of life’s energy.

PandO2 team members
Jean-Gabriel Winkler
Founder and CEO

- 11 years in Corporate Finance

- 5 years in Merger and acquisitions for Rexel, a worldwide leader in the B2B distribution of electrical appliances

- 5 years in the Deloitte Transaction Advisory practice

- Graduated from a leading French business school (ESC Reims)