Because our senses can't alert us about the quality of the air we breathe, we are turning the invisible into visible for you !

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Our goal

The only solution that allows you to anticipate air pollution and reduce your exposure on a daily basis !

Our recognition

Air pollution is responsible for 7 millions premature death per year worldwide. Solutions offered by both the public and private sector are insufficient regarding the world 3rd mortality cause.

Our proposition

Turn this in invisible killer into a tangible reality. Our application provides you with a real-time and tailor-made monitoring solution of both your indoor and outdoor air quality.

Pando2 in video

Your air quality at a glance

PandO2 centralizes and analyzes all air quality information at the premises, building and room levels.

Air Quality Diagnosis

Continuous measurement of your indoor air quality, determination of your exposure levels per room and formulation of recommendations

Improved indoor air quality

Implementation of remediation solutions managed by our application and quantification of the obtained improvements

Air quality monitoring

Continuous monitoring and measurement of your exposure to air pollution, proposition of action plans and quantification of their impacts

… backed up by our software solution

  • The first application allowing the monitoring and management of both indoor and outdoor air quality
  • The first application allowing you to integrate any micro-sensors on the market (already 7 manufacturers and up to 15 parameters)
  • Automated calculation of containment (ICONE index) and generation of pollution exposure reports
  • Intelligent and efficient control of your HVAC systems
  • Generation of tailor-made web public pages accessible by QR Code

Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring of up to 15 parameters

Outdoor Air Quality

Monitoring of up to 10 parameters

HVAC intelligent management

Weather conditions and forecasts

Pollen level

Monitoring of up to 6 types

Real-time alerts and recommendations

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Ask for a demo of our Air quality monitoring and management application

Ask for a demo of our Air Quality Monitoring and Management application
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