An offer that covers all your needs

Air Quality Diagnosis

  • Visit of your premises, review of your HVAC installation and its insulation
  • Continuous measurement of 3 comfort parameters and 6 of the main air pollutants
  • Determination of the level of exposure of the occupants by pollutant type with associated recommendations

Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Answer to the French legal obligation (Grenelle2)
  • Continuous access to indoor and outdoor air quality measures via our application
  • Implementation and management of remediation solutions based on our catalogue

Air quality monitoring

  • Follow up on implemented remediation plans
  • Real-time calculation of regulatory indices
  • Real-time alerts, advice and determination of productivity gains (SROI)
  • Customization of your monitoring interface

Our software solution

Analyze your air in detail

Access live and continuous measures of the best sensors of the market. Our solution supports up to 12 parameters and allows you to automatically edit reports and export your data in a single click

Monitor and manage your premises

An application that meets the new French regulatory obligations regarding Air Quality (Grenelle II), the most demanding labels and allows a simple and efficient multi-premises air quality management

Keep control of your exposure to air pollution

PandO2 informs you in real time about the air quality around your building so you can control your exposure to pollution, assess the permeability of your buildings, and take immediate action to protect the health of its occupants

A broad range of innovative products and solutions

Our app

PandO2 integrates the vast majority of sensors on the market, to adapt to your existing and future installations.
We also have a wide range of reliable and easy-to-install sensors for your not yet equipped buildings

Our remediation solutions

Based on our analysis of the concentration of pollutants, we propose the most suitable pollution control solutions.
We are also able to manage your building to guarantee its air quality while optimizing your energy consumption

Our pollution remediation products

We have a full range of best in class air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, connected or not to our application.
These remediation solutions are carefully selected by our teams and made available by our sales and logistics partners !

Our Added Value

Indoor Air Quality

Monitoring up to 16 parameters

Outdoor Air Quality

Monitoring up to 10 parameters

HVAC intelligent management

Weather conditions and forecasts

Pollen level

Monitoring up to 6 types

Real-time alerts and recommendations