2019 Microsensor Challenge results

Building on its success at the 2018 AIRLAB Challenge, Nanosense has decided to partner with PandO2 for the 2019 edition of the event. This year, in addition to improvements in the metrology and technology aspects, the focus was on data transmission and interoperability with an easier connection to the Pando2 application.

Pando2 provides its customers with an innovative and ergonomic web application. The App enables multi-facilities supervision by monitoring in real time the measurements made by indoor air quality sensors at the global and individual room level, and also gives access to all outdoor air quality parameters such as wheather, pollen and outdoor air pollution concentration and forecast.

The application also enables the automatic calculation of indices, the generation of synthetic reports of occupants' exposure to air quality, real time alerting and recommendations to users such as school heads, making them actors of their own air quality.

Complementary and innovative, these two solutions represent a global solution to the air quality issues in order to help reducing the impacts of air pollution on both humans and buildings.

The detailed results are available for download below.

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