2019 Microsensor Challenge results

Building on its success at the 2018 AIRLAB Challenge, Nanosense has decided to partner with PandO...

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The Pando2 solution

An offer that covers all your needs

Air Quality Diagnosis

  • Visit of your premises, review of your HVAC installation and its insulation.
  • Continuous measurement of 3 comfort parameters and 6 of the main air pollutants.
  • Determination of the level of exposure of the occupants by pollutant type with associated recommendations.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Answer to the French legal obligation (Grenelle2)
  • Continuous access to indoor and outdoor air quality measures via our application.
  • Implementation and management of remediation solutions based on our catalogue.

Air quality monitoring

  • Follow up on implemented remediation plans.
  • Real-time calculation of regulatory indices.
  • Real-time alerts, advice and determination of productivity gains (SROI).
  • Customization of your monitoring interface.

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